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Our Chocolate

What is the shelf life of Max Brenner chocolate and how should I store my chocolate?

Max Brenner’s chocolate will stay fresh and delicious for several weeks or longer when stored properly. To maintain quality, please keep your chocolate in a cool, dry area (below 22ºC) and avoid heat and direct sunlight. It is best to avoid storing chocolate in the refrigerator, however if this is essential, use an air-tight container to avoid odour & moisture spoilage.

How is Chocolate Made?

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. There are three species of cocoa bean plants: Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. Each variety has its unique characteristics & produces beans of distinctive flavour.

To make chocolate, cocoa beans go through an extensive process of drying, cleaning & fermentation. Once cocoa beans are prepared, they are then roasted, hulled to obtain the centre of the bean, known as the nib. The cocoa nibs are then crushed & ground to obtain the cocoa liquor.

According to each chocolatier’s special recipe, the cocoa liquor, combined with required quantity of cocoa butter are put through a series of processes like kneading, conching & tempering. It is during these refining stages where each chocolatier will add flavours, sugars & other ingredients to create their own masterpiece.

What is The Difference Between Milk, Dark and White Chocolate?

Milk, dark & white chocolate types are determined by total content of cocoa solids along with addition of certain ingredients such as milk. The higher the cocoa solid in a chocolate product, the darker & the more bitter the chocolate becomes, producing what is commonly known as dark chocolate. Max Brenner’s dark chocolate contains cocoa solids ranging from 50-75%. Milk chocolate is the most commercially popular choice by chocolate consumers. This type contains milk along with higher ratio of sugar resulting in finely balanced cocoa bean flavour & sweetness and creaminess in the final product. Max Brenner’s milk chocolate contains cocoa solids ranging from 30-35%. White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids. Due to this, in the French tradition, it is often considered as a non-chocolate product. Max Brenner offers white chocolate in many varieties. The combination of milk, sugar and cocoa butter creates a sweet and creamy treat making a favourite for many.

What is That Greyish Film That Sometimes Appears On Chocolate?

Raw chocolate cannot spoil, however, blooming may occur due to poor storage. Blooming is a term describing the whitish grey discolouration on the surface of chocolate caused by cocoa butter separating and rising to the top.

While this does not mean that chocolate is inedible, it does mean that chocolate has lost its sheen and the texture may become granular.

Allergy and Nutritional Information

What allergens do Max Brenner chocolates contain?

All Max Brenner products may contain traces of Gluten, Soy, Milk, Egg, Peanuts, Tree Nuts & Sesame Seeds.

Does Max Brenner Offer any Vegan Options

Yes, Max Brenner offers a range of vegan options. The list below provides vegan menu items for your enjoyment.

Vegan Items: Chocolate Lick, Chocolate Fondue for two, Midnight Peanut Nutter, Classic Hot Chocolate, Granita, Whipped Chocolate, Frappe

Does Max Brenner Offer Dairy Free Options

Yes, Max Brenner dairy free menu items are shown in the list below.
Vegan Items: Chocolate Lick, Chocolate Fondue for two, Midnight Peanut Nutter, Classic Hot Chocolate, Granita, Whipped Chocolate, Frappe

Locations & Business Hours

Where can I find detailed information on locations and business hours?

Please check out our Locations Pages for information on all of our locations and trading hours

When was Max Brenner established in New Zealand?

Our first Chocolate Cafe in Queenstown, New Zealand opened in February, 2022

How many Max Brenner stores are there in New Zealand?

Our Queenstown Chocolate Bar is our first and only store in New Zealand.

Where is Max Brenner Queenstown?

Find us at the new Upper Village Entertainment Complex, near Skyline Queenstown. 27 Brecon Street, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Delivery & Online Orders

Does Max Brenner prodivide Home Delivery?

Yes, all our menu items can be delivered to your door through our delivery partners -Uber Eats, DoorDash and Deliveroo. All our pre-packaged chocolates and iconic crockery are mailed with regrigerated post.

Employment Opportunities

How Can I learn About Employment Opportunities?

Please visit our Careers Page for more information on employment opportunities.

Other FAQS

Who Owns Max Brenner?

Max Brenner is Australian owned and operated family business owned by Vitocco Enterprises.

Does Max Brenner Have an App?

Yes, Max Brenner has an app available for download on the iOS and Android app stores. The Max Brenner app will make the most of your in-store experience, allowing you to pay through your mobile via Pay in-store, Order ahead and Order to table and enable you accumulate cocoa beans which you can redeem for products in-store! You will also have access to exclusive offers, personalised rewards, promotions, vouchers, saved offers, credit or item rewards and so much more.

Does Max Brenner Donate to Specific Charities or Events?

We love supporting our local communities and charities. Although we may not be able to support all donation requests, please contact us at

Does Max Brenner Provide Corporate Gifts?

Our unique gift boxes and colourful tins make the perfect corporate gifts. Say thank you, recognise a special achievement or celebrate a holiday with our specially crafted gift sets.

Does Max Brenner Provide Booking or Function Services?

We operate on a walk-in basis however please email for any group bookings/function enquiries.

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