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Experience our
world of chocolate

Our Chocolate
Love Story

In every Max Brenner moment, you’ll taste over 21 years of artisanship, originality, and delight in creating indulgence for your tastebuds.

Whether it’s a solo escape from life’s hustle or an endearing moment with loved ones, there’s no better inspiration for our master chocolatiers than seeing a lover of chocolate melt into their Max Brenner moment. Your happiness is the driving force behind our special chocolate recipe and unique dessert creations, all lovingly made in our very own patisserie.

We are proudly a family run business who pride ourselves on continually evolving our practices to bring you the best of our creations. So, there’s nothing to distract you from the premium chocolate experience you deserve.

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Experience Our Chocolate

At Max Brenner, we bring the art and joy of chocolate through a unique chocolate experience that you can share or enjoy all to yourself!
We've been the trusted Chocolate artists, using sustainable quality ingredients since 1996. We create our own blend of chocolate and use only the worlds most trusted ingredients to help deliver our quality chocolates & desserts.

We pride ourselves on ensuring every guest feels welcome, comfortable and shares in the chocolate experience that is
Max Brenner. Come and join us in our renowned Chocolate Bars and try our iconic creations including the chocolate Fondue for Two, Tutti Frutti Waffles and Decadent Pizzas as well as our famous drinks; Max’s classic hot Chocolate in the original cocoa bean shaped Hug Mug and Icy Choctails in the famed Alice Cup.


Loyalty to the Max!

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